Julie Krakowski

Julie Krakowski’s elegant, rose-tinted sculptures create an impression of sensuality and mystery; in a series called  ‘Intimacies’, pink silicone shapes are squashed and knotted together with latex tourniquets, resulting in suggestive hybrid formations which conjure a world which is at once erotic and oppressive. Krakowski uses mixed materials; bones, soap, cotton, leather, latex, silicone and wax…The textile industry is referenced both in her use of elements such as cloth, pins and thread, and in her techniques (couture, embroidery, and knotting). Further pieces make use of old Jacquard boxes, on which contrived photographic images are printed and then burned. Although the rusty tones of these blurred images point to a past era, the photographs also react to being burned in a way that creates a unique visual language; faces, furniture and motifs are only hinted at, so that the overall impression is subtle and dreamlike.