From Sunday the 27th of November the participatory exhibition ‘Zoo’ is expanding with work from  Jo Voets and Michelle Naismith.


During the first lockdown, when the whole world stopped, Agnes De Man withdrew into her workshop where she painted portraits of people with their pets. 

On the mode of the fable, she also sculpted animals using resources such as fabric, papier-maché, wood and recovered materials. 

These works, that awaken the child in every human being, have now resulted in a fresh, cheerful participatory exhibition in which animals take centre stage.

This artistic work by Agnes De Man may inspire other artists from all ages and horizon. So everyone is welcome to come and work on this theme, individually or in group workshops. 

You will be invited  for a finissage in the spring to discover the work made by the associated artists.



the Silence of Memoration 

Opening, 4 oktober 2020, 

van 14 u tot 18 u

Please confirm your attendance at the opening, we respect the covid rules. 


Both artists have worked, in different ways, on the subject of memoration, the resurgence and evocation of indelible events of the past. The two artists have therefore explored the universes of intimacy, memory, and childhood in which they find their roots-or not.



Private View, 3 June 2018

2pm – 6pm

Please confirm your attendance at the opening because our food is fresh! 





Agnes De Man, a huge talent and free spirit, lives and works in Linkebeek. Her starting point is crafts and her inspiration, an open view of the world cultivated during her travels and encounters.

For her new exhibition HOME WORK, Agnes observed people phobic with cleaning. She then opened her cupboards and took out the basic materials for new work: floor cloths, drying up cloths, sponges, tablecloths…

Remembering the tradition of our grandmothers who embroidered their household linen and handkerchiefs, Agnes took her works to Gujarat, India, where she asked immensely talented local craftswomen to embroider them.

This resulted in unique garments, but can you wear them? Discover for yourself at her new exhibition.

— Only on appointment



The current exhibition at Hors Tempsia brings together the work of three artists who, although very different, are linked by a common thread; they all emerged from the world of textiles. Sofi van Saltbommel graduated from the Brussels Fine Arts Academy in sculpture, before going on to study ceramics at the Ixelles School of Arts. Julie Krakowski, meanwhile, is a graduate of La Cambre, where she studied Visual and Spatial Arts, specialising in textiles. Both women grew up around textiles, and this theme is always present in their work – if indirectly. To these two female artists, Agnes de Man has added a masculine counterpoint; some ‘master-head-pieces’ by Elvis Pompilio.

Only on apointment
Friday / Saturday / Sunday
11:00 – 18:00


Private View

The goal of the first exhibition to be held in Hors-Tempsia is to build links between Agnes’  work, and the often elusive paintings, installations and sculptures of the visual artists Damien De Lepeleire, Pascal Bernier and Filip Denis. Subtle ingenuity, and the poetry of the everyday are the main themes addressed by these artists, who often make use of fragile, recycled materials, and existing imagery. Agnes  aims to create a space within her house where creative imagination and visual pleasure meet mischievous art – underscored by a wide range of desires.

Friday / Saturday / Sunday
11:00 – 18:00